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Inclement Weather Notice

We make every attempt to ensure that we have the correct number of vehicles and drivers available and on the road to provide services when they are needed. Although we wish we could, one thing we can’t always manage is the weather!

Understandably, snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, will cause road conditions to degrade and impact our ability to service calls as quickly as we would like. These conditions increase the time leading up to a pickup and the time getting a passenger to their destination. We place a great emphasis on the safety of passengers, drivers, and others on the road. We ask our drivers to respect the conditions and drive accordingly. During times of inclement weather, we service calls as quickly as conditions will safely allow. Under normal conditions, we generally service calls within 20 to 30 minutes.

When inclement weather strikes, you may want to call earlier than usual and plan for a longer lead time for us to provide service. We appreciate your business and look forward to getting you safely to your destination.

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